Spoiled Twats

Spoilers. I despise them, a lot. People who enjoy posting detailed spoilers are really exhibiting a very specific personality type; I believe in most psychology circles they’re often referred to as “twats.” But as some would say, the internet is like a large perpetual twat factory. It’s full of them. It’s utterly baffling behavior, at best.

I guess in a way, these people are kind of doing you a favor. Because now you know who to cull. And for the record, this post isn’t necessarily targeting a certain group — no, no. This is more of an observation on “twats” in general.

Double Tap

These days, social interactions (in my opinion) would be a lot more… Simpler, per se — if you could just ‘double tap’ certain people on the nose, to show approval. And yes, that was an Instagram reference.

Former Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy will release his new solo album, ‘Lion,’ on 6.03.14 via the Nettwerk Music Group. The 11 track album was produced by Killing Joke bassist Youth.

Youth’s presence is certainly felt on the album’s lead single, “Hang Up,” as the loud rocker combines the best parts of Bauhaus and Killing Joke. The biggest highlight, however, has to be Murphy’s vocals. Check out the music video for “Hang Up” — and for more information, visit his website.